Making Missionary Disciples Track

Making missionary disciples track

Parishioners. Parish Priests. Seminarians. Lay Leaders. FOCUS Alumni.

Adults in any stage of their faith journey.

The Making Missionary Disciples Track, exclusively in Salt Lake City, is for you!

Christ calls every Catholic to the mission of evangelization.

The Making Missionary Disciples Track

Be inspired to bring the hope of Christ to your family and community.

Receive practical insight into living your faith through every stage and season.

Gain the confidence to share the hope of the Gospel with anyone you encounter.

Learn how to mentor others on their pilgrimage of faith.

The Making Missionary Disciples Track provides vision and practical training for living as a disciple of Christ in your everyday life.

The Making Missionary Disciples Track dives deep into topics related to parish life,

marriage and family, prayer and evangelization. It easily integrates into your

morning schedule and allows you to experience the iconic moments of the SEEK

conference—daily Mass, evening keynotes, and entertainment.

Simply add the “Making Missionary Disciples Track” in registration at no additional cost.

The Making Missionary Disciples Track Features Top Catholic Evangelists:

In registration, you can simply add the Making Missionary Disciples Track and hear from leaders in evangelization who will provide vision and practical insight that will help you live as a Christian disciple in your daily life! 

Dr. Edward Sri: “Me, a Missionary Disciple?” – Loving Jesus and His Mission
Curtis Martin: “Come, Follow Me!” – How to Invite Others into Mission
Amber Ezeani: “Whom Shall I Send?” – Four Characteristics to Identify Leaders
Fr. Jeff Lewis: “Teaching Teachers to Teach” – Training Others for Mission
John Zimmer: “Go, Make Disciples!” – Christ’s and the Church’s Vision of Mission
…and more!

“Only if you are one with Jesus can you share his light and be a light to the world. Are you ready for this?”


Small group training

Don't stop there! Receive training in evangelization and discipleship.

Making Missionary Disciples Training + Small Group Experience

You’ll not only be inspired at the SEEK Conference, you’ll be equipped to go home and lead others in their journey of discipleship.
Every Catholic—both clergy and laity—is called to the mission of evangelization. In the Making Missionary Disciples Training + Small Group, FOCUS’ well-developed teaching method of discipleship, modeled by Christ himself, will be made simple and accessible.

Learn how to share your faith and mentor others in their journey of
discipleship, then immediately put these skills into practice with your small group.

Whether you are a parish priest, sacramental prep leader, parish or diocesan staff, seminarian, small group leader, or anyone who desires to share their faith and lead others, you’ll walk away confident in your ability to share Jesus Christ and mentor
others to become evangelizers themselves.

Training + Small Group Topics

FOCUS’ well-developed teaching approach will train you then allow you to immediately put that training into practice! In the Making Missionary Disciples Training + Small Group, you will learn:

How do I start a small group?
How do I teach others to pray?
How do I share my faith like Christ?

“I dream of a ‘missionary option’, that is, a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything.”


Limited Spots. Register Today!

We’re offering this premiere training at no additional cost.

  • Everyone is talking about missionary discipleship. Learn the practical skills needed to
    live it from teachers who have years of experience in parish evangelization.
  • You’re not alone! Network with other Catholics, missionary disciples, and Church leaders
    and build relationships to help you be more faithful and zealous in your mission.
  • Gain a vision for a parish of missionary disciples equipped to share their hope with their
    families, co-workers and broader community.


Opt-in to the Making Missionary Disciples Training + Small Group in registration.

Small group


The Making Missionary Disciples track is for diocesan and parish leaders from across the country – clergy, DRE’s, youth ministers, sacramental prep leaders, volunteer small group leaders and ordinary Catholics of all ages and professions who want to see their parishes and dioceses transformed for Jesus Christ.

During registration, you will have the choice to opt-in to the Making Missionary Disciples Track and Training + Small Group. While this is not required, we highly encourage it if you want to get the most hands-on application of real-world evangelization! 

You will be trained by experts who have lived missionary discipleship in the parish, receive a training workbook, and gain practical experience teaching others in your group. If you choose not to participate in the Small Group, you can attend Impact Sessions on prayer, evangelization in the parish, family life, and more! 

Perhaps as a FOCUS alum formed in missionary discipleship on campus or a diocesan or parish leader who has attended other trainings on evangelization, you are asking if you should participate in the Making Missionary Track. Other trainings and conferences do a great job teaching basic evangelization skills but rarely is the emphasis on equipping missionary disciples who can not only teach others but who can cooperate with the Holy Spirit to raise up leaders and send disciples to make more disciples. Our unique small-group training approach focuses on teaching teachers who will make a generational impact.

SEEK24 is an opportunity to gather with thousands of other leaders like you to learn from
the method modeled by Christ to reach the world starting in your home, parish, and local
community. Be encouraged in mission by gathering with others who have a heart for those
not yet living a life of discipleship.

Yes! We want to encourage parishes to bring a group of leaders to be trained and participate in a Making Missionary Disciples training small group together. That’s why we offer parish pack event passes for groups of six non-student attendees. Contact us for more information.

We believe that the SEEK experience and practical tools you will be equipped with through the Making Missionary Disciples Track + Small Group Training are well worth the time investment! If you work for a parish, ministry, or other faith-based organization consider asking your employer to consider this as professional development.

Late arrivals or early departures are not ideal, but will still allow for participation in the main content of SEEK.


Experience SEEK and connect with thousands of people seeking to hear the call and live differently. There’s something in store for you at SEEK!