Making Missionary Disciples Track

Christ calls every Catholic to the mission of evangelization.

Join fellow parishioners, parish priests, seminarians, lay leaders, FOCUS alumni, and ordinary Catholics, who want to go deeper in their call to mission on the Making Missionary Disciples track at SEEK24! Discover the Gospel anew through keynotes from top Catholic speakers, encounter Christ alongside thousands of others in prayer and the sacraments, then dive deep on topics specific to living as a disciple your parish, household, and greater community.

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Transform Your Community with Small Group Training

The Making Missionary Disciples track at SEEK24 is unlike any conference you’ve been to before!

When we’ve personally experienced deep transformation and freedom in Christ, we can’t help but share Him with others. You’ll want to opt-in to a Making Missionary Disciples training small group where the Church’s vision for missionary discipleship will be brought to life with practical skills and hands-on application. Our unique teaching approach gives you the opportunity to not only be equipped to share the Gospel and make disciples, but to immediately practice teaching what you learned so the training you receive has a ripple effect in your community well-beyond the conference itself.

Your life will be transformed as you deepen your own journey of discipleship, but parishes, families and communities will be transformed when you learn how to accompany others to an encounter with Christ and equip them in the same way you have been equipped to share His love with others!


“I dream of a “missionary option”, that is, a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything.” —Pope Francis

What Do You Get When You Register for the Making Missionary Disciples track at SEEK24?

  • Access to all SEEK24 events including main stage keynotes, daily Mass, Adoration & Confession night, entertainment and more!
  • Track-specific sessions on living as a disciple in the parish and family life
  • Gain confidence in living the Church’s vision for evangelization and be equipped to immediately implement it in your home, parish, diocese and broader community when you opt-in to a Making Missionary Disciples training small group
  • Networking with other missionary disciples and leaders so you aren’t alone in your mission
  • Special events and experiences for parish priests, seminarians, FOCUS alumni, bishops, diocesan leaders, mission partners, etc. so you can bring the call to evangelization to life in your unique vocation and state in life
  • And more!!!



The Making Missionary Disciples track is for diocesan and parish leaders from across the country—clergy, DRE’s, youth ministers, sacramental prep leaders, volunteer small group leaders and ordinary Catholics of all ages and professions who want to see their parishes and dioceses transformed for Jesus Christ.


You will have the option at registration to opt-in to a Making Missionary Disciples training small group. While this is not required, we highly encourage it if you want to get the most out of your SEEK24 experience! You’ll get extra training sessions from experts who have lived missionary discipleship in the parish, receive a training workbook and gain practical experience teaching others in your group. If you choose not to participate, you will still have the opportunity to attend a variety of Keynote and Impact sessions on prayer, evangelization in the parish, family life and more!


Maybe you are a FOCUS alum who was formed in missionary discipleship on campus or you are a diocesan or parish leader who has been through other trainings on evangelization. SEEK24 is an opportunity to gather with thousands of other leaders like you to learn from each other and be encouraged in mission. Other trainings and conferences do a great job teaching basic evangelization skills, but very few are equipping missionary disciples who can not only teach others but effectively send disciples to make more disciples. Our unique small group training approach focuses on teaching teachers who will make a generational impact.


Yes! We want to encourage parishes to bring a group of leaders to be trained and participate in a Making Missionary Disciples training small group together. That’s why we offer parish pack event passes for groups of six non-student attendees. Contact us for more information.


Childcare will be available each full day of conference. More details to come!
FOCUS works to subsidize 80-90% of the cost of this service to ensure our families can experience SEEK.


We believe that the SEEK24 experience and practical tools you’ll be equipped with through the Making Missionary Disciples track are well worth the time investment! If you work for a parish, ministry, or other faith-based organization consider asking your employer to consider this as professional development.

Late arrivals or early departures are not ideal, but will still allow for participation in the main content of SEEK.

Come be a light.

January 1 – 5, 2024 America’s Center, St. Louis, Missouri

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