SEEK In Your Parish

“…Today a renewed awareness of the missionary identity requires a greater capacity for sharing, communication and encounter, so as to journey together on the path of Christ…”
(Directory for Catechesis 289)

SEEK21 is a one-of-a-kind, live-immersive experience where thousands gather as small groups to ask the big questions about joy, peace, hope, and salvation. And this year we’re bringing SEEK to where you are for an event unlike any you’ve experienced before – no travel or time off required!

From February 4 – 7, 2021, gather your parish together for a four-day immersive event encountering the heart of the Gospel. There has never before been a Catholic conference of this magnitude focused specifically on the Gospel message itself. Set aside the distractions and enter a space alongside fellow parishioners who are seeking a new encounter with the Lord, a new chance to pursue holiness, a new moment for our Church. Come away knowing Jesus Christ more deeply and have the confidence and tools to share and live the Gospel in your day-to-day life.

Be Equipped

Want to host SEEK21 at your parish? It’s easy to be a host! We will train your small group leaders, taking them step-by-step through the SEEK21 guidebook to make your local SEEK21 experience exceptional. In addition, we will provide you with all the details and resources your parish needs to bring SEEK21 to life and aid you in recruiting attendees.

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Be Inspired

Get ready to hear from the best of the best! Speakers will fly to locations throughout the country and the world, presenting from a different city each day. Spread out across every corner of the country – from parish centers, to living rooms, backyards, or Catholic centers — you don’t know where they will be next. They are ready to go the distance to bring the heart of the Gospel to life!

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Be Accompanied

SEEK21 will provide a unique opportunity for your parishioners to encounter the heart of the Gospel and be accompanied along their faith journey. However, SEEK21 is not just a four-day conference. Your parishioners will have the opportunity to receive post-conference accompaniment that will further strengthen their confidence and provide additional tools to live out and share the Gospel in their everyday lives.

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Be Equipped

We’ll walk with you every step of the way as you make plans to host SEEK21 from training your small group leaders to helping you invite others to join you.

FOCUS Connect

After you register, you will be directed to the FOCUS Connect SEEK21 Hosts page. Here you can connect with other hosts, find a coach to walk with you through the journey and receive planning resources, training videos and more!

Be Inspried

Our speakers are ready to go the distance to bring the heart of the Gospel to life, no matter where you are. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the themes you’ll encounter at SEEK21.

  • Living as a missionary disciple in your everyday life
  • Sharing the Gospel in your family, workplace, parish and community
  • The power of small group Bible study
  • Bringing the Directory for Catechesis to life in your parish
  • Dive deep into the heart of the Gospel message
  • Additional “Making Missionary Disciples” break out sessions geared toward parish life

General Schedule

The SEEK21 schedule is flexible and customizable to fit the needs of each group. Each U.S. time zone has a National Live Schedule to help guide you. We encourage you to build these elements into your SEEK21 experience!

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Worldwide Prayer Vigil

Saturday, February 6

  • Join tens of thousands of Catholics around the world in prayer — from Sydney, Australia to Vienna, Austria, to Lincoln, Nebraska — begging God for an outpouring of His Spirit, healing in our culture and our Church, and for the evangelization of all nations.
  • Rally together as a Universal Church.
  • Be part of Eucharistic Adoration happening around the globe

Be Accompanied

“Only catechesis that proceeds from religious information to accompaniment and to the experience of God will be capable of offering meaning.” (Directory for Catechesis 371).

Journey with us through Lent

We will walk with you through Lent and in the weeks and months following conference. Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri will lead SEEK participants through a journey of personal formation as they relate the story of salvation in Scripture to our story and our call to live as missionary disciples today. Participants will enter the Easter season with deeper faith and the desire to share that faith with others.

Making Missionary Disciples

After encountering Christ in the Scriptures, your parishioners will be invited to participate in additional live seminars that will equip them with the practical skills and experience they need to bring the Gospel to their family, parish, workplace and community.

How Will You SEEK?

How will you gather?

Gather your parish together in small groups! The SEEK21 Parish registration option gives you the flexibility to pray, share meals, participate in the sacraments, partake in discussions and enjoy holy leisure together. You get to decide if everyone gathers together at the parish, parishioners host in their homes, or a mixture of both!

How will you invite your parishioners to encounter Jesus Christ?

Encountering Jesus Christ through prayer and the sacraments is the heart of SEEK21. A flexible schedule allows you to offer Mass, Adoration, Confession and intercessory prayer times to your small groups or participate in your parish’s regular sacramental schedule. Even if you gather small groups in living rooms, times of prayer can be the perfect moment to come together and be united as a group.

We especially encourage you to spend time in Adoration together (as restrictions allow) on Saturday, February 6, during the Worldwide Prayer Vigil, begging our Lord for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our Church and on our world.

How will you use SEEK to launch into Lent?

Built on small group accompaniment, SEEK21 isn’t just a four-day event. It is a launching point for small group Bible studies to journey together through the coming Lenten season. Small groups can be the building blocks for welcoming parishioners back to the Church and sending them out to invite their friends and family to come home.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the themes you’ll encounter at SEEK21.

  • Renewal in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Dive deep into the heart of the Gospel message
  • Living as a missionary disciple in your everyday life
  • Sharing the Gospel in your parish, family, workplace and community
  • The power of small group Bible study

To help you as you prepare to bring SEEK21 to life for your group, we’ve put together some resources — coaching videos, best practices, downloads, and more to guide you.

SEEK21 Hosting Resources

Registration Options

Registration for SEEK21 is flexible to meet the needs of your parish and accommodating to the number of parishioners attending! Below are the best options to bring SEEK21 to life in your parish community:

  • Small Groups – $489 per small group up to 10 participants
  • Parish Pack – $3,400 for seven small groups (up to 10 participants each)
  • Seven small groups not enough? Purchase additional small groups (10 participants each) for $399 each

Registration Includes

  • Exclusive live and on-demand content
  • Commemorative conference materials, guides, and resources to accompany you throughout SEEK21 and post-conference
  • Access to SEEK21 online platform throughout the event to connect with speakers, meet sponsors, watch video sessions, and participate in special events
  • Pre & post conference accompaniment
  • And more!

Contact events@focus.org to register your parish for any of the above options! After payment is submitted, you will receive a discount code to distribute to the small group leaders. The small group leaders will then register their groups. Each member will enter their information and the discount code!



February 4 – 7, 2021


Parish registration is designed with flexibility in mind for your parish. Bring together a handful of small groups at $489 each; purchase the Parish Pack of seven small groups (up to 10 participants each) for $3,400; and if seven small groups isn’t enough, add additional small groups to the Parish Pack for an additional $399 each!


SEEK21 will be a new, immersive experience, allowing attendees to engage and accompany one another by gathering in small groups — in-person across campus centers, parishes, and local host sites, or from the comfort and safety of their homes.


We’ll be bringing SEEK21 directly to you in a live, immersive event with engaging speakers, prayer, breakout sessions, and more! You’ll have the opportunity to experience SEEK21 in the accompaniment of small groups, Bible studies, local parishes, and campuses.


We want all participants to journey through SEK21 alongside others. Group registration supports the behavior that we desire from our attendees, which is to experience our conference together with a community of people, rather than by themselves.


SEEK21 is best experienced in the small group setting where great discussion and camaraderie can be built. However, you may experience SEEK21 from the comfort and safety of your own home, if that is what you desire. Please see our selection of attendance options and choose the option that is the best for you.


SEEK21 s an immersive experience, of which the streaming content is just one component. Your technology needs all depend on how you plan to experience SEEK21. You may need special technology like a projector and speakers if you plan to gather a large group at your parish. If you encourage small groups in living rooms, you can stream the content on your TV or computer.


  • Materials for the small group leader: (conversation guides, etc)
  • Materials for 10 small group attendees: (programs, etc)


Once you have finalized the number of small groups that you’ll be hosting, FOCUS will send you sets of materials for each small group. Each small group set will include materials for the small group leader, and items for 10 small group participants. Knowing where you might have extra small group participant materials might be helpful in the hopeful event that you have some last-minute attendees.


If you purchased a parish pack at SLS20, we would love for you to be a host site and still gather a group to experience SEEK21 together. Those who already purchased a parish pack at SLS20 will receive a 10% discount off their purchase of a SEEK21 parish pack, or off a single small group. We hope you will join us for SEEK21, but if this simply can’t be the case, we’ll refund your payment, no questions asked. For more information or support, contact events@focus.org.


If you already reserved your spot for SEEK21, your previous deposit will automatically be put towards a conference pass. If you are no longer able to attend, you may receive a refund (no questions asked). You are also invited to consider donating your deposit to support the mission of FOCUS. Look out for an email with instructions in the coming weeks.