Patron of SEEK21:
Who Is Blessed Carlo Acutis?

Carlo Acutis was your typical 90s kid. He enjoyed programming computers, playing video games, and collecting Pokémon. He liked soccer and the outdoors, and he’d regularly wear jeans and Nikes. At a glance, he probably wouldn’t stick out much against other kids his age.

But what made Carlo stand out was his special love for God. Though his parents weren’t particularly devout, from an early age Carlo showed, according to his mother, a “natural predisposition for the sacred.” From age three, Carlo would ask his parents to visit churches in Milan, where they lived. He loved praying the rosary and he went to confession weekly. After receiving his first Holy Communion, Carlo attended Mass as often as possible, and he often dragged his parents along with him. His love for Jesus and the sacraments helped spark a deep conversion in his family.

Carlo was diagnosed with leukemia as a teenager. He offered up his pain for Pope Benedict XVI, the Church, and all others who suffered illness. Before his death, Carlo put his computer skills to use by designing a website featuring Eucharistic miracles, helping people around the world encounter Christ, the Gospel, and the beautiful reality of the True Presence in the Eucharist.

Carlo passed away on October 12, 2006, at the age of 15. He was named a Servant of God in 2013 and Venerable in 2018. And in October 2020, Carlo Acutis was the first member of the millennial generation to be beatified in the Catholic Church.

Blessed Carlo Acutis has already been dubbed the “patron saint of the internet,” because he used the digital space of the internet to promote the faith. We’ve chosen Carlo as SEEK21’s patron because he wasn’t content with just having his own close relationship with God; he led so many others in his life to have a profound conversion of faith. If Blessed Carlo teaches us anything, it’s that a life of virtue, holiness and trust in God is not only possible in this day and age, but it’s also the only way to find true peace and happiness. May we who are attending SEEK21 be inspired and encouraged by his example.

Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for us!

Gracious and Loving Lord,

You endowed your servant Blessed Carlo Acutis with natural gifts and talents in the world of technology. You also blessed him with a deep devotion to the Eucharist to be fostered around the world. Teach us to live as he did preferring heaven over all else, even at a young age.

We at FOCUS entrust SEEK21 to his intercession. We implore  his prayers to help us spread the Gospel and love of the Eucharist through modern technology.

We humbly make this prayer through Christ,  Our Lord.  Amen.