Making Missionary Disciples Track

Do you want to help your family, your parish and your community reignite their faith? Do you want to confidently share the Gospel and live as an authentic missionary disciple? You are not alone!

The Making Missionary Disciples Track at SEEK23 is an opportunity for you and your family, friends, parishioners and fellow Catholics from around the country to take the next step in missionary discipleship. Join parishioners, FOCUS Alumni, mission partners, parish priests, and ordinary Catholics who want to make a difference in their community as we hear from today’s top Catholic speakers, spend time in prayer and fellowship, and explore practical ways to witness to the Gospel in your parish, household, and greater community.

More than that, you’ll have the chance to grow in faith, discover the Gospel anew and be revived, equipped and encouraged for the Christ-centered life He’s calling us to follow.

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What to Expect:

  • Daily Mass/Holy Hour
  • Hands on training and workshops
  • Small group discussion
  • Track-specific sessions on evangelization in the parish and family life
  • Networking with other missionary disciples and leaders
  • Continued accompaniment after the event
  • And more!

Can’t join us in St. Louis? Bring SEEK23 to your parish or community!



Do you long for your parish to be on fire with the Catholic faith?

Through the Making Missionary Disciples Track at SEEK23, you’ll be equipped to help transform your family, community, parish, and diocese through implementing the Church’s vision for missionary discipleship.

We desire to implement the Church’s vision for missionary discipleship not only on the college campus, but in the family, community, parish, and diocese as well. 


The Making Missionary Disciples Track is for Catholics who long to see their parish, diocese, family or community experience deep transformation in Jesus Christ and who desire to be a part of the solution. It is designed for priests, bishops, diocesan and parish staff, FOCUS alumni, parishioners and benefactors.


Childcare will be available each full day of conference (January 3 – 5) from 8 am to 5 pm. Childcare services are open to all children aged 18 months to 10 years. Additional registration through our partner vendor is required. Details will be sent to those who opt-in during their SEEK registration.

Cost: $50 for 1 child, $100 for 2+ children for all 3 days of care.

Please note this cost for the service is in addition to the $65/child conference registration fee for children aged 3 and up. The cost includes babysitting for all three days. Day passes are not available.

FOCUS works to subsidize 80-90% of the cost of this service to ensure our families can experience SEEK.


We believe that the SEEK23 experience and practical tools you’ll be equipped with through the Making Missionary Disciples track are well worth the time investment! If you work for a parish, ministry, or other faith-based organization consider asking your employer to consider this as professional development.

Late arrivals or early departures are not ideal, but will still allow for participation in the main content of SEEK. You can view the main conference schedule here.

Have Questions? Need Help?

Feel free to reach out to us or find additional FAQs here.